About AutoApp

What is AutoApp?

AutoApp is a one-stop mobile app that brings door-to-door convenience to car repair, servicing, and maintenance. Even chores like vehicle inspection for road tax renewal can be handled by AutoApp so you can free up your precious time instead of waiting in line.

10 (great) reasons to use AutoApp


Don’t just think of us as a car concierge. We’re really here to help you make the best use of your time, whether you want to spend it at home, work or where ever you prefer.

That is why you don’t have to wait for us to return your car, we will deliver it anywhere in Singapore when you are ready.  We are convenience personified!


If you factor in the time it takes to: 

  1. Drive to the workshop. 
  2. Wait for your car to be received and inspected. 
  3. Wait for the repairs to be carried out or travel to your next appointment.
  4. Travel to pick up your car.
  5. Drive home at the end of the day with rush hour traffic.

This process could take up most of, if not, your entire day.  Remember, your car needs the service, not you.

Leave it to AutoApp so there’s no interruption to your routine. 


Have you ever had a car problem but weren’t sure where to send it?

Do you sometimes wish there was one place you could get all your problems fixed – by specialists in each specific area?

Inspection. Service. Sanitisation. Repair. Grooming. Accessories. Enhancements. Insurance. Yes even automotive content, car care tips and tricks.

You name it. AutoApp does it. Our team has been in the business for decades and we’re here to help.


Our network is growing. Daily!

When you use AutoApp, you are assured of the best and latest solutions in the market.

Our team of journalists and industry partners are constantly updated on the most efficient ways of maintaining your car. When we are at the forefront, you are too!


The best way to be fair to our customers and the workshops within our network is to negotiate for the best prices across the board.

This also means that AutoApp customers are assured of competitive rates quoted by an aggregated network of partners.


For those of you who prefer to send your cars to the respective Authorised Dealers (ADs), no problem.

We’re great friends with our local distributors and AutoApp will gladly send and return your cars there as well.


When an AutoApp Service Ambassador picks up your car, it is protected by our insurance policy, not yours.

This means that if an unforeseen accident happens en route to the workshop or when it is being returned to you, your car’s insurance policy, and therefore your car’s renewal premiums, will not be affected. Claims will be made under AutoApp’s insurance policy.


While other door-to-door services subscribe to the gig economy business model, AutoApp Service Ambassadors are our employees, fully-vetted with clean driving records. They are also experienced service advisors with years of industry experience.

Additionally, every AutoApp Service Ambassador goes through at least 20-hours of training before they are certified to work for us. These are not takeaway meals we’re talking about. Your car is your second biggest investment after all and we take this responsibility seriously. 


Like your regular hairstylist, some car owners are just as loyal to their longtime mechanic which they may been sending their cars to for years. Sending your car with AutoApp doesn’t have to mean saying goodbye. We will gladly send your car to any workshop of your choice for a fixed fee.

Also, you can encourage your workshop to join the AutoApp network of workshops so they can benefit from our proprietary app for the most convenient end-to-end transaction processes as well as benefit from more leads from us to improve their business.

It’s a win-win for all!


No AutoApp job is complete until the customer is satisfied. We mean it. If the fault the car was sent for resurfaces within three working days, AutoApp will resolve it at no charge to the customer.

All works are also warranted for a minimum of 30 days subject to terms and conditions.