04 November 2020
CAR INSURANCE: What the insurance companies don’t want you to know

Looking to lower your car insurance premium? Here’s how to do it.

Shopping for car insurance is an art that few have managed to master. Just starting by picking a plan already involves three options, then there’s sifting through the terms of your policy. Already confused? Hang in there – this was just the easy part!

Insurers calculate your car insurance policy premium with an incredibly in-depth method. Using several factors, this system determines your likelihood of getting into an accident. That’s why it’s possible how different people purchasing insurance policies on the same car can get wildly differing quotes.

As a consumer, it probably isn’t worth the effort to figure out how this all works, as unalterable factors such as your age and driving experience to determines how much you pay. What you can do, however, is use these (legal!) tips that insurance companies don’t want you to know.

Pick a car with lower historical insurance premiums

All cars are equal, but some cars are more equal than others. It’s well known that powerful or sporty cars tend to incur higher insurance premiums due to their higher risk. However, there are differences even across similar cars within the same category.

Perhaps due to their ubiquity, low repair costs, or conservative owner demographic, several car models in particular have lower historical insurance premiums compared to their competitors. These models include the Mitsubishi Attrage, Toyota Corolla Altis, and Kia Cerato.

Install a dashcam in your car

In the event of an accident, Singaporean insurers use a guide to determine to what extent each party is liable. Called the Barometer of Liability Agreement (BOLA), this guide dictates the liability each driver has in a traffic accident. However, this relies on the accuracy of each driver recounting events – it’s always your word against the other driver’s, regardless of who is actually at fault.

In the event of a post-accident dispute, your dashcam will be essential in eliminating any factual inaccuracies and providing evidence. Insurance premiums can thus be kept low, as no falsified claims can be filed.

Have an experienced family member be the main driver

If you’ve read our previous article, you’d now know the sweet spot for car insurance (psst – it’s between 30 to 64 years of age). If you’re within this age range and haven’t made a major claim on your policy, you should be already be enjoying reasonably low car insurance premiums.

But you’re not completely doomed if you don’t fulfill the above criteria. There’s an open secret to get around it – and that’s letting an experienced family member be the main driver on the policy. It’s a win-win – not only will your family member be legally insured to drive your car, but having an older, more experienced policyholder means that yearly premiums can be up to 30% lower!

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