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31 March 2021
GOTCHA! AutoApp food delivery service prank revealed

Sorry to disappoint those who were looking forward to our food delivery service. We were only kidding. Happy April Fools’!

We couldn’t resist a little April Fools’ prank last week and ran the story below about AutoApp joining the hugely competitive food delivery segment. Coincidentally, we left a little Easter Egg for those to discover within our app last weekend that revealed the practical joke.

Nonetheless, there were still a few of our friends who wanted to believe that AutoEats was a real thing. They were hoping that we could shake up the food delivery business the way AutoApp has changed the car aftersales industry with our unique combination of convenience, value and concierge level service.

Those who downloaded AutoApp on their smartphones were in for a surprise.

The majority of customers however, saw right through the gag and had a good laugh with us, commenting on social media saying: “For a moment, you had me there. Nice try!”

Perhaps, there was another group of customers who were even more disappointed to learn that the Car Wash Hunks service was also a ruse.

Every April Fool’s car manufacturers also get in on some good-natured ribbing. Here is a round-up of this year’s efforts.

AutoApp food delivery service launched

The best car servicing concierge in Singapore throws its hat into the food delivery segment. AutoEats will be available from today and targets hungry car owners waiting for their cars to be serviced.

SINGAPORE – The food local delivery market is set to get more interesting with AutoApp entering the fray. Starting today, the homegrown tech startup launches AutoEats, as a compliment to its car aftersales concierge app, launched last August.

“AutoEats is a natural extension of our service,” says Joel Tam, Chief Executive Officer of Ignition Labs, the company behind AutoApp. “Our app has been a hit with customers who are too busy or are simply not inclined to take their cars to a workshop or inspection centre.”

Over the past seven months, one common problem Ignition Labs identified was that its customers eventually got hungry while waiting for their cars to be serviced and returned to their doorstep. “With AutoEats, we anticipate this need and deliver a food platter when our Service Advisor picks up their car,” said Mr Tam while reaching out for a nearby cheese platter in his office.

An AutoApp Service Ambassador delivers an AutoEats food platter

“Convenience is the driving motivator behind everything we do at AutoApp,” Mr Tam explained. “So if there is anything we can do to make our customers’ lives easier, we might consider it.” Laundry service, pet grooming and baby-sitting services are just some of the other potential additions mooted for the next few months.

One service that some of AutoApp’s female customers have requested for – Car Wash Hunks where shirtless AutoApp Service Ambassadors show up to wash their cars to the musical accompaniment of 70s disco hits such as Hot Stuff by Donna Summer and You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate. Mr Tam said that his management might consider it if he receives 10,000 app downloads by the close of April 1 2021.

These hunks might wash your car if enough people request it

To book an AutoEats food platter, customers will need to download the AutoApp app.