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12 March 2021
New Honda HR-V Revealed

Honda has redesigned the latest Honda HR-V, and adds their new e:HEV hybrid powertrain.

Honda’s pulled the wraps off the latest, third-generation HR-V in Japan, with a more angular, straight-edged look than its predecessor. Gone are the organic-looking curves and creases on the existing model, with more angles added on the redesigned exterior.

Refreshed exterior styling

For starters, there’s now a larger, horizontal six-point grille up front that’s congruent with Honda’s new corporate face. On either side of the grille are sleek new LED headlights that incorporate eyebrow-esque daytime running lights, which are connected by the grille’s top edge.

Gone is the dynamic ‘swoosh’ that ran down the side, with the new car sporting a cleaner side profile. There’s now a single straight line that connects the bonnet to the taillights, in contrast to the sloping roofline.

The outgoing HR-V was styled with inspiration from coupes, with its sloping roof and hidden rear door handles. This new model, with an increased rear windscreen rake, is no different. There’s now a much more fastback-like side profile, similar to that of the Civic Hatchback. Interestingly, Honda claims that the steeper windscreen hasn’t adversely affected rear-seat space, perhaps thanks to the additional 20mm in wheelbase.

Around the rear, stylish new clear-lens LED taillights add some flair, with a connecting LED light strip that matches the styling cues up front. Similar to other current Honda crossovers such as the CR-V, the number plate recess has also been repositioned downwards.

Minimalistic new interior

Inside the cabin, there’s more angular and minimalistic styling going on, with a slimmer, redesigned dashboard. The horizontally-themed layout incorporates full-width air vents, which comes with a unique airflow control knob offering a ‘diffused air’ setting.

2021 Honda HR-V interior

On the centre console is a floating 8-inch touchscreen for the Honda Connect infotainment system, which comes with a dedicated smartphone app while offering the usual suite of connectivity options. Audio now comes through via a 9-speaker setup, up from the existing 6 you get in the outgoing model. Additionally, the centre console also houses the new slimmer climate control panel from the Jazz and City – except that it’s a dual-zone affair in the HR-V.

Other new kit in the cabin include a larger panoramic sunroof, rear air-conditioning vents, and a hands-free electric tailgate. Honda’s nifty ULTRA seats have been carried over, which is a plus in the practicality department.

Tried and tested

For now, the new HR-V is expected to arrive in Singapore with the same drivetrain as the outgoing model, with the e:HEV hybrid likely joining the lineup. Power figures for both petrol and hybrid versions are still unavailable, but we’re guessing similar numbers to the outgoing model. This means 129 bhp and 153 Nm from the 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine, paired with the same CVT gearbox.

We haven’t yet heard news from local Honda distributor Kah Motor of the new HR-V. However, the popular crossover should arrive in showrooms in the second half of the year.