24 February 2023
Limited Edition Porsche 911 Sport Classic Hits Singapore Shores

Inspired by the original and other classic 911 models, the Porsche 911 Sport Classic is an amalgamation of all things great about the 911 past and present.

Porsche Singapore has officially unveiled the new retro-themed 911 Sport Classic today. The special occasion was hosted at the Mandala Club in conjunction with the Curvistan On Roads event.

Each 911 Sport Classic has an estimated price tag of around S$1.5 million, after all of the usual pricey Singapore taxes and COE. If you were thinking of snagging one up, only 1,250 vehicles will be made, and they have since been sold out.

Porsche Singapore has hinted that 4 units will be destined for Singapore, with one car (the one you see here) already registered and ready to rock.

And it is sure to rock your world with its impressive and eye-watering specs.

This limited edition masterpiece only comes with rear-wheel drive and, oh yes, a manual transmission. God bless.

The 3.7-litre, twin-turbo flat-six porker under the hood is also currently the most powerful manual 911 model ever manufactured. Churning out 550bhp and 600Nm of torque, it only takes 4.1 seconds to rocket to the century mark. Keep pushing, and she’ll top out at 315km/h.

Externally, the 911 Sport Classic features a wide body with a sweet ducktail around the back, a homage to the 911 Carrera RS 2.7. Other trinkets include a double bubble roof, and gold badging on the front fenders and rear. Just to spice things up a little more. 

This example you see here is finished in Sports Grey Metallic with racing stripes running down the length of the car. Should you wish to change up its already gorgeous looks, the Sport Classic is offered in 4 exterior colours – Sports Grey Metallic, Agate Grey Metallic, Gentian Blue Metallic and Black. Yes, just black. 

The inside is also nothing short of impressive, and it acts like a time capsule, taking you back to the good old days of the 911. Porsche designers utilised lush Pepita fabric on the interior seats and door panels, the same material used in the original 911 model which debuted in 1965, exactly 60 years ago.

Best of all, the 911’s signature analogue rev counter is also kept traditional. The middle screen still uses a traditional tachometer, but the rest of the is controlled by a 7-inch infotainment screen.

Catch the Porsche 911 Sport Classic at the Mandala Club before it’s gone!

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