09 January 2023
Porsche Impresses at Singapore Art Week 2023 with The Art of Dreams

Art is nothing new for Porsche, and the German marque is back with its second instalment of “The Art of Dreams”, this time bigger and better than ever.

It all started with the first inception of Porsche’s ‘The Art of Dreams’. The series made its debut back in October 2021, and the art piece ‘Remember your dreams’ curated by French artist Cyril Lancelin found its way to our shores for the Singapore Art Week 2022. What made it even more special was that Singapore was its first and only Asian destination.

Now, in line with Singapore Art Week 2023, Porsche has yet again revitalised ‘The Art of Dreams’, this time with Chris Labrooy’s ‘Dream Big’ sculpture. 

Located within Gardens By The Bay, Chris Labrooy’s unique art installation stands at 3.5 metres tall and features a white 911 Carrera. The head and hand are meant to illustrate a child playing with a toy car, with the piece aiming to evoke a sense of nostalgia in those of us who have played with toy cars when we were younger.

The piece was originally situated on sand, but the Singapore version takes on a new twist with rubberised floors instead, a nod to the rubber playground floors found in our public housing estates. 

An avid Porsche enthusiast too, Chris Labrooy uses these cars as his inspiration to curate surreal digital artworks, often encompassing a bright and dreamy theme. Ever seen a 356 dunked into a pool? Now you have.

If you want to check these artworks for yourself, a select few of them are currently on display at the Mandala Club, Porsche Singapore’s new, albeit temporary, experiential brand space. This is a new partnership formed in order for Porsche Singapore to be able to connect with Porsche enthusiasts and owners alike in an inviting space. 

This is a trend we are starting to see in the automotive industry, with more brands catering to lifestyle spaces instead of the usual showroom-esque floor spaces such as those found in Alexandra and Leng Kee, which may intimidate some to enter.

Sharing the space with Chris Labrooy’s artworks, the main showpiece of the new Porsche Mandala Club is Daniel Arsham’s ‘Crystal Eroded Porsche 911 (992)’. One of his earliest works, the 911 illustrates his idea of ‘Fictional Archaeology’, imagining the car 1,000 years in the future.

Parts of the car are laden with quartz and pyrite crystals, and they give the impression of bits of bodywork being eroded away. The interior is decked in a gorgeous shade of khaki upholstery and has Daniel Arsham’s marked drawings scattered all over. Peer closer and the words ‘ARSHAM 3019’ are referenced, a nod to the ‘Fictional Archaeology’ concept.

Even though this is a one-off special, the paint and interior combo go perfectly together. Please Porsche, make this an option for buyers.

Of course, being an experiential brand space, one can walk in and purchase merchandise of both Arsham and Labrooy’s work. Proceeds from these items will go to SCAPE, which supports local and youth programmes for the creative arts, media and entertainment, as well as entrepreneurship. 

If you like to catch Chris Labrooy’s ‘Dream Big’ piece, the installation is on site from now until 15 January. Opening hours of Gardens By The Bay are between 5 am to 12 am daily.

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