05 May 2020
RELATIONSHIP SECRETS REVEALED: So you want to connect with that car guy…

Whether you’re looking for some car guy relationship advice, or simply wanting to understand how a car nut thinks, this is the cheat sheet for you.

Cars may seem pretty superficial to women who don’t understand what the fuss is all about. But perhaps you’re looking for some relationship advice to connect with someone like this, or maybe you simply want to understand what makes guys like these tick.

Well, here are five conversation starters that will make him go “Whhhuuuutt? You rock, girl!”

The five must-ask questions

1. List his dream garage 

  • One sports car 
  • One car for the racing track 
  • One vehicle for the family

Why he will think you’re awesome:

Asking a car guy: “What’s your dream car?” is like asking a woman which is her favourite pair of shoes. The question is impossible to answer.

You’re letting him choose three, and he will know that you ‘get’ him.

2. Dream driving destinations

The conditions:

  • Must be right now.
  • Petrol would never run out.

Why he will think you’re adventurous.

The thought of free petrol will make a man do crazy things. The ambitious ones would have dreams of driving to Thailand, some even around the world. Activate his sense of fearless spontaneity and join in the conversation – there’ll be sparks flying.

3. Which he prefers

turbocharger v V12 engines

Turbocharged or naturally-aspirated cars

Why he will think you’re smart.

Very, very few women know the difference (or care). Hint: it has to do with how a car makes power. Having knowledge in this area is similar to understanding the meaning of life – complicated but enlightening. Being able to talk about this topic will earn you many, many brownie points.

4. Which driving skill he would like to develop

BMW drift car

Racing? Drifting? Rallying?

Why he will think you’re his muse.

Every guy wants to be able to do what the pros do. He might dream of being an F1 driver, or perhaps a Youtube star (like Ken Block in his Gymkhana series). Let him share his secret desires and look interested – he’ll love you for it.

5. What he would do to modify his current car 

Money no object. 

Why he will think you’re the coolest girl alive.

Maybe this is the best car guy relationship advice we can offer. One thing a car guy loves more than anything, is modifying his car. Asking him this will open a can of worms and you must prepare for a whole lot of jargon and things that make absolutely no sense to you. If you survive this (convincingly), and he will think the world of you.

You will likely drain your mental self after these conversations. However, it’ll be worth the effort. Congratulations! You now have got your guy wrapped around your finger and we guarantee he’ll do anything you ask.

You’re welcome.

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