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25 June 2020
TRAILBLAZERS WANTED: Be the first to download AutoApp

Calling all Early Adopters! Be the first to get AutoApp on your phone

Video teaser on YouTube shows the AutoApp team in the final stages of app testing.

SINGAPORE – With just weeks to go before AutoApp goes live, the team at Ignition Labs, the company behind AutoApp has been testing the app and going through operational simulations before making it available to the public.

AutoApp updates on an Apple Watch
Get updates on your car’s servicing progress on your Apple Watch

“There’s a saying in Silicon Valley: ‘First is better than perfect,’” said Sheldon Trollope, the Communications and Product Officer for AutoApp on the tech industry’s tendency to rush under-developed products to market only to fix them later through firmware updates. “For AutoApp, a good consumer experience is paramount so we decided to hold back for a few more weeks for an additional round of testing.”

All scratches, dings and other damages are recorded digitally before taking over the car.

Be a trailblazer, be the first to know

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